House of Tara x Bloom





House of Tara x Bloom








House of Tara x Bloom

House of Tara and Bloom have collaborated to provide 500 Beauty Entrepreneurs with access to Product Financing exclusively for House of Tara Products at a small interest rate of 2.85%.

Customers will be able to access a product starter kit worth N49,000 with a small deposit of N8,000 and pay the balance over a period of 6months.

All you have to do to get involved is:


A house of Tara representative will call you to discuss the products


You will then be directed to apply for the product loan on Carbon's app


Once approved, a 6 month repayment plan of N8,000 per month will be arranged for you


You will then need to pay your deposit of N8,000 directly to House of Tara


You will then need to arrange product delivery or collection from House of Tara

Please contact for more information and we will be sure to respond to you in a few hours.


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